Friday, November 18, 2011

The Art Of Choking

I haven't posted in years....blah,blah,blah. I am back so chill out.
After watching this upsetting #2 Oklahoma St. @ Iowa St. game, I got very mad. One, because I thought I had made an easy $5 with my obviously better Oklahoma St. pick. But no leaving it to a friggin' kicker to ruin the game, ruin Oklahoma St's BCS dreams, and ruin my night. I am so tired of kickers inabilities to kick field goals. It's like college coaches forget to tell them that they would have to make a couple field goals in their career.
-Maybe not, maybe coaches just go into kicker's houses and say, "Hey you seem like you got a good leg. You can hit a 45 yarder no problem right? And you won't shit your pants when I put you in with 5 seconds left to win the game?"
"No Coach I am a little girl and can only hit extra points, and what no one told me I would have to be able to kick in the clutch!!
"Ay son its okay, just look good, put a helmet on and kick it as hard as you can into that little net on the sideline, and when you miss the real thing in the game act confused, and blame the wind and we will be good."
"Sounds good coach."
It just irritates me, and if I was a position player on a team, were my kicker f'd up our chances of winning I would be so irritated. The kicker has one job make field goals, you don't have to run up and down the field all game long, or march up the field to get into field goal position, all you need to do is hit the damn field goal. Make the damn field goal and call it a day. Every other player has been busting his ass off on the field in order to win this game, and it comes down to you to take 5 seconds out of your "hectic, popular" kicker life and kick one field goal. If the national championship is decided by a missed field goal, I will lose the small respect I still have for kickers. Get your s**t together kickers, seriously.
-This is aimed at Leigh Tiffin (Bama's kicker who missed 100 field goals in the Game of the Century), Dan Goodale (Boise's kicker who couldn't get it done to win the game from 39 yards!?!!), and to the most recent choker Oklahoma St's Quinn Sharp who missed a short 37 yarder. I could hit that.)

Show Some Respect

• We All have heard about the disgusting Penn. St. scandal, and I have a few reactions to it. Yes, I believe Penn St. had the right to fire Joe Pa, but they should have let him finish out the damn season. He has 409 wins, he is the face of the Penn. St. community, he has devoted 60 years of his life to that school, he has donated numerous amounts of money, but you can fire him through a phone call 2 days before senior day?! Show some respect Penn St. BOT. A genuine man like Paterno deserved an upright firing, one to his face. They are a bunch of p****ies for doing it in that matter.

• Now back to the main topic, yes Joe should have been fired. He’s a good man. Joe Paterno did inform a university official that a graduate assistant had told him in 2002 about witnessing former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky with a young boy in the showers. But that’s all he did. He didn't take it to the police or do anything morally. He did his legal part, which is good enough for me. The other thing that really throws me off is assistant coach Mike McQueary is the guy who reportedly walked into the Penn State locker room and saw Jerry Sandusky raping a young boy, and did not do anything to stop it. But Penn St. will fire the legend, the great Joe Paterno, and Mike McQueary can continue to be the receivers coach at Penn State, and may take a PAID absence of leave.

• Now The Big Ten has decided to remove Joe Paterno's name on the trophy awarded to the conference champion. This is a true slap in the face to Joe. I find that very disrespectful to Joe Pa. The man BUILT Penn State's legacy, and gave them a name for themselves. He coached for half a decade, he did so much for the sport of college football. He doesn't deserve this BS. It's like Joe Paterno raped this boys....he didn't. He did his job and that's that.

• On a closing note, nobody really knows all of the facts. The media has really jumbled up what is going on. What do we know? Basically nothing. Where does it say "Joe Paterno should have been fired and shunned from society," please let me know, because it will be a major advancement in this case. No one has all of the facts, so please just think before you bash a great, hard working man.

• And lastly someone should have told Joe Pa he had to be the AD, the campus police, and the detectives. I'm sure most 80 year olds do all of that in their sleep. What a bad person that Joe is....not. P.S. The poor man was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier today. I'll be praying for you Joe. Stay Strong.