Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Ten Expansion

Well the Big Ten has really never followed its name like right now the Big Ten has 11 teams and next year they will have 12 teams with the addition of Nebraska. There will be two Big Ten divisions consisting of 6 teams in each and resulting in a conference championship which extremely needed in the Big Ten. Don't laugh to hard to hard at the new division names and the new logo is not to hot either. I guess the Big Ten is trying to get hipper? I do not like it to say the least.

Leaders: Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois, and Indiana.
Legends: Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan State, and Minnesota.

The guaranteed cross divisional rivalries start with Michigan and OSU. On top of that, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and Illinois and Northwestern preserve their annual rivalries. That leaves Penn State, Purdue, and Indiana from Leaders, and Nebraska, Iowa, and Michigan State from the Legends. Penn State will lose that terribly important Land Grant game in favor of a new rivalry with Nebraska. Meanwhile, it's a little known fact, but the Spartans and Hoosiers do have a rivalry, in which they play for the Old Brass Spittoon. That leaves the final protected rivalry as Iowa against their newly hated rival, Purdue. All things considered, I think the Big Ten did a pretty good job. Some rivalry games will no longer be an annual event. Some fans and teams travel expenditures will get much pricier. I think the Big Ten will be much more competitive in the years to come and might be the second best conference behind the SEC.

Mountain West Conference Expansion

So the Mountain West is going to lose 3 teams. First they will lose BYU next year who will become an independent Football team. Next year they also will lose Utah to the Pac 12. In two years MWC will lose TCU to the Big East. MWC will also add a couple teams first joining the conference next year will be Boise State, Fresno State, and Nevada. And in two years Hawaii will be joining the MWC. The MWC had 9 Teams this year in two years they will have 10 so an addition of one. The WAC is one defection short of becoming a complete joke conference, and Hawaii would push them past that ledge. At this point it would not surprise me at all to hear that the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs have accepted an invitation to the Sun Belt. Rating the New MWC will be hard next year it will be very competitive with TCU and Boise State playing each other so I will give it a B for next year, but in two years you lose TCU and gain Hawaii the conference will basically be a bigger WAC so I'll have to give it a D-.

MWC Teams: (Next Year)
United States Air Force Academy
Colorado State University
University of New Mexico
San Diego State University (Will leave in 2012-2013)
Texas Christian University
University of Wyoming
Boise State University
Fresno State
University of Nevada

University of Hawaii (Will join in 2012-2013)

New Big East Conference

The Big East did not do much adding to the conference this year. Of course their basketball conference has a plentiful 17 teams and now their football conference will have 9 with the addition of TCU. TCU is coming from the MWC. They will became a football team and basketball team in the Big East. This is an amazing opportunity for TCU to make a BCS bowl every year now, because of that automatic bid now. The Big East will still be a very weak football conference, and I would not be surprised for if maybe the next 10 years TCU is in a BCS bowl possibly a National Championship. TCU will join the league in 2012-2013 NOT 2011-2012 (Next Year) Villanova is being courted to become a football member, having been in the Big East in all other sports for over 30 years. Rumors exist that the Central Florida Knights are first in line of Villanova refuses. Thus the Big East appears set to move to a 10 team league.

New Big East (9 Teams):
West Virginia, Pittsburgh, South Florida, Rutgers, Syracuse, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Louisville, and now TCU

The Old Pac 10 Turns Into The New Pac 12

The Pac-10 conference will become the Pac-12 next football season, after adding Colorado and Utah to the conference. With 12 total teams, the league will be able to play a conference championship football game, after splitting into two divisions.

The 12 Teams Will Be:
Arizona, Arizona State, California, Colorado (New Transfer from Big 12), Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Washington, Washington State, UCLA, Utah (New Transfer From MWC), USC

The two divisions:
North- California, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Washington, Washington State
South- Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, UCLA, USC, Utah

I personally like the addition of the two teams to make a conference championship. I also like the new divisions a lot. First I like the rivals that are kept in both divisions. In the north Oregon-Oregon State, Washington-Washington State and in the south Arizona-Arizona State, UCLA-USC. The only thing I do not like is that they put Colorado and Utah, their new additions to the Pac 12, in the same division. Why? What is the purpose? Switch either Cal or Stanford with Colorado or Utah it would not make a difference. Overall I think the Pac 10 will be a quality conference still not at the top for football but not that bad. Utah will finally get a chance to see if they are Pretenders or Contenders. Should be fun.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pick Results: Bowl Games

My Overall Record: 29-6

ACC: 4-4
Big Ten: 3-5
Big 12: 3-5
Big East: 4-2
SEC: 5-5
C-USA: 2-4
Independent: 2-1
MAC: 2-2
MWC: 4-1
Sun Belt: 2-1
Pac 10: 2-2
WAC: 2-2

Breaking News: Ohio State Scandal

QB Terrelle Pryor and 4 other players won't be running the Ohio State attack in the first five games of 2011.
We learned that five players many of them stars didn't know it was a no-no to sell championship rings, game gear and personal awards for cash.
The players suspended were WR Devier Posey, QB Terrelle Pryor, RB Dan Herron, Defensive Lineman Solomon Thomas, Offensive Tackle Mike Adams.
Players reportedly sold Big Ten Championship rings, Awards won from bowl games, The Pants the Buckeyes win for beating Michigan, Jerseys, Autographs, and much more memorbillia.
Players even traded Autographs for free tatoos at a local parlor. The players will not be suspended for the Sugar bowl instead they will face a five game suspension starting at the begining of next year.
It's embarrassing to the program they sold championship rings something you get once In a lifetime. The players should defiantly be suspended for the bowl game I don't care how much money it brings in. Plus these kids can go pro and not have to deal with anything and the ncaa says they'll get them in the NFL with what a $ 10,000 fine big whoop that's pocket change at that level. I think the players should be banned for the sugar bowl and next year the first 5 games. And what's even more ridocolus is that Ohio st first 5 games are all winable games and then their sixth game is against Nebraska how does that happen. I am truly disgusted at the ncaa yet again. The ncaa clearly has made me mad about this topic. And one thing Mr. Pryor you will NEVER EVER make it as a pro QB NEVER. Pryor of all the five that were caught doing this you are the one that truly disgusts me some leader you are. Ryan Mallet I hope you and your Razorbacks destory those SUCKeyes. SCREW EM'

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Possible Playoff System

Example of the Winner and Losers Bracket Pretty Cool Right (Click on Images to enlarge)
So my friend Ray Lewis, me, and Ray's dad all had little ideas to make an actually well rounded BCS Playoff system.

The System:
1. So first we will keep all those sponsored bowls so the ncaa can still make its high revenue.
2. But at the end of the year the BCS standings do not decide anything they are basically thrown out.
3. Instead we choose the top 8 teams in the country. These teams will be chosen by the Heisman Voters. There are 950 of them so they will all get a good say. The voters will write down their top 8 teams in their mind (All the teams written out/voted for must be in the top 25 so no joke team gets picked) Once all 950 voters have decided their individual Top 10s points must be distributed. So it goes like this if a team is voted first they get 10 points (Obviously the same team will probably be voted first a lot like this year in the case of Auburn) then the second place teams get 9 points each, 3rd place gets 8 points, 4th place gets 7 points, 5th place gets 6 points, 6th place gets 5 points, 7th place gets 4 points, and 8th place gets 3 points. All points for each team are added up and then put into the correct order 1-8
4. The 8 teams will then play in a playoff style setting with seeds 1-8. The 4 winners will play in the second round. The two games in the second round will be two different BCS bowls which will rotate every year. They 4 losers will play in the consolation round in two other BCS bowl games.
5. The 2 winners of the final 4 team "Winner Bracket" will play in the National Championship and depending on the teams finish the 3rd and 4th place finishers will be decided from those two teams who lost to the teams playing in the National Championship.
6. The 2 winners of the consolation bracket will play in a new BCS bowl game made up, like The ESPN bowl idk but it will have a new name making a 6th BCS bowl. Obviously the winner of the final consolation game will be the 5th place team the loser will be the 6th place team and depending on teams finish the 7th and 8th place finishers will be decided from those two teams who lost to the teams playing in the "ESPN bowl".

• This way we avoid having a stupid selection process.
• The NCAA will make more revenue with the addition to the BCS bowl and the fact that more people want a playoff system will help with ticket sales and views.
• We no longer need to worry about a computer messing up the standings when we have 950 smart voters who will vote for the top 8 and continue to vote for the heisman.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Breaking News: New Coaching Jobs

New Coaching Jobs: (First Name is Old Coach. Second Name is New Coach)

4-8 Arkansas State 37-47 Steve Roberts (84-82) Hugh Freeze (Was Offense Cord. @ Ark. St.) : Personally I do not really care about this coaching change, but I am assuming to many losing season from Mr. Roberts caused this.

4-8 Ball State 6-19 Stan Parrish (63-60) Eddie Faulkner (Interim): Ball St. has always been looked at as a joke team from the MAC, I never truly respected them, but showing their guts by firing their head coach is a start.

5-7 Colorado 19-39 Dan Hawkins (112-61) Jon Embree (Was not a College Football Coach, assistant in NFL): I am glad Colorado got rid of hawkins. Going 19-39 at Colorado is a complete joke. No bowl game this year is a major issue.

7-5 Florida 64-15 Urban Meyer (103-23) Will Muschamp (Was an assistant at many different colleges, but has not been a college football head coach): Obviously nothing was wrong with Meyer as a coach of the gators. Meyer stepped down again because of health problems. Meyer is a college football genius kind of like me :p. Personally I do not think he will return to the game sadly.

5-7 Indiana 19-30 Bill Lynch (100-97) Kevin Wilson (Was Oklahoma's Offense Cord.): Having bill lynch only make 1 bowl game in his few short years at IU was a major reason why he was fired. Also, this year Indiana won 4 non-conference games all he had to do was win 2 Big 10 games. He only won 1 game against Purdue. I think Kevin Wilson will be a great new coach within 4 or 5 years I can see Indiana going to bowl games regularly and finish in the middle of the big 10.

5-7 Kent State 29-53 Doug Martin (29-53) Darrell Hazell (Assistant at Ohio St. Never a Head Coach): Doug Martin has coached all 7 years of his career at Kent. St. Kent St. has not gone to a bowl game the last 7 years. Doug did resign after their final game against Ohio which was a win. Hopefully Kent St. can either use a wise Jerry McManus to their advantage or will they go hunting for a new head coach. I think the edition of Hazell will completely change this football team for the better having a quality play caller like him is key.

3-9 Louisiana-Lafayette 41-65 Rickey Bustle (41-65) Mark Hudspeth (66-21 former Miss. St. Assistant coach and North Alabama head coach): L.A. Laff. had a disappointing season and I think they can rebound quickly with a new staff and head coach. Bustle coached every year of his coaching career obviously it did not work.

7-5 Miami (Fla.) 28-22 Randy Shannon (28-22) Al Golden (27-34 former Temple Head Coach): Al Golden coached at temple and well it was not that great. I do not think Shannon should of been fired his offense could not click because of a terrible QB. If jacory Harris had not been his QB Shannon would still be coaching the Hurricanes. Maybe he can take over the job at Temple? Would not be a bad idea he can build a decent program there. Golden shouldn't be the head coach of a quality well known football program. Bad decision by the AD of miami.

9-4 Miami Ohio 10-15 Michael Haywood (10-15) Lance Guidry (Interim): I Feel bad for Miami Ohio. They lost their head coach to a quality Pittsburgh team at the end of the year. Haywood is a very good coach taking his 1-11 RedHawks team last year to a 9-4 Mac Champion. I wish him the best of luck in the Big east, but again I feel very bad for the Miami Ohio Students and players.

3-9 Minnesota 15-30 Tim Brewster (15-30) Jerry Kill (127-73 Former NIU coach): Brewster did take Minnesota to two bowl games in his short tenure with the gophers, but Brewster obviously did not meet expectations at Minnesota resulting in his firing during the middle of this season. Jerry kill the talented coach coming from NIU will be a huge boost to this Minnesota team. Kill is bringing his coordinators from NIU with him to Minnesota. I assume Kill thinks he can duplicate his success at Minnesota.

3-9 North Texas 6-37 Todd Dodge (6-37) Dan McCarney (56-85 former Iowa St. head coach): North Texas offered Dodge the job to be head coach because he was a very successful high school football coach leading his High School team Southlake Carroll to 4 out of 5 State Championships from 2002-2006. Dodge was fired in the middle of the season because a 1-6 start. Dan's coaching record may not seem to good but he was a very successful coach at Iowa st. leading the Cyclones to 4 bowl games in 11 Years. He also finished 1st in the north part of the Big 12 on one occasion. I think he can really improve a struggling North Texas team.

10-3 Northern Illinois 23-16 Jerry Kill (127-73) Dave Doeren (Dave has never had a Head coaching job but was a Defensive Cord. at Wisconsin for the past 4 years): The fact that Jerry Kill left after the last game and decided not to coach them in their bowl game is disrespectful. This players got you that job at Minnesota the least you could do is coach them in one last game and wait till after the season to take over a head coaching job. Personally I am no longer a Jerry Kill fan I thought what he did with this team this year was amazing, but now I have no respect for him. Personally I would not mind if he fails at Minn. he also took all of his Coordinators with him leaving NIU completly bear. Forget you Jerry Kill.

7-5 Pittsburgh 42-31 Dave Wannstedt (42-31) Michael Haywood (10-15 Former Miami Ohio Head Coach) ?: Dave was a fabolous coach and I do not understand why Pitt fired him. Dave has taken Pitt to a bowl game the last two years and now this year. Wannstedt was 7-5 this year and 26-12 in his last 3 years. WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF FIRING HIM. And seriously Pitt. couldn't you of gotten a better head coach than a guy who has coached 2 seasons in the Mac. I wish the best to luck to Dave and there is a truly talented coach still left out there with Dave Temple maybe you should call him up. Pittsburgh hired Michael Haywood on December 16th and fired him on January 1 after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. Pitt will have to go out again looking for a new coach, possibilities Randy Shannon, Mike Leach, Rich Rod.

8-4 Temple 27-34 Al Golden (27-34) Steve Addazio (Was Floridas OC but has not had a head coaching job): Golden has been eletricfying in the last 2 years 17-8 getting to one bowl game not sure how they did not get to one this year but that is another story. But when you are coaching at Temple and get the head coaching job at Miami Fl. a very story booked team how can you pass that up. I wish him the best of luck at Miami, but now the owls need a new head coach and they found a quality one. A florida guy who had been there the last 5 years so he has seen two national championships with HIS offense.

2-10 Vanderbilt 2-10 Robbie Caldwell (2-10) James Franklin (Was the O.C. at Maryland for the past 2 years but never a head coach): Caldwell resigned after one year of coaching at Vandy. Maybe he had health or family issues or realized he wont make it in the SEC and at Vandy. Caldwell seems like a very good guy. I wish Franklin all the luck in the world as he is taking a huge job trying to pull a struggling Vandy team out of the huge hole they are in. Good luck my man.

8-4 Maryland 74-50 Ralph Friedgen (74-50) Randy Edsall (74-70 Former Connecticut head coach): Ralph was a very quality coach at Maryland, being ACC coach of the year. He started his career there with a 22-5 record with two bowls one being a BCS bowl. He was 5-2 in bowl games and went to 7 bowls in his 10 years coaching there. He was fired because he asked for a contract extension and well Maryland AD said no and also said you can chose how you want to leave the school. Obviously Ralph got fired. Personally I thought Ralph was a quality coach and didn't deserve this. This could work out well for Maryland. Sources say that Randy Edsall will be hired as the next Head football coach of Maryland today. Edsall, who in his 12 seasons led UConn from Football Bowl Subdivision infancy in 2002 to a league championship and a BCS bowl in 2010. He should be a good fit for the program and could possible get Maryland on the map again next year.

Bowl Picks

New Mexico Bowl:
Brigham Young 49, UTEP 14 (BYU is a much more talented team than the miners of UTEP.)
Humanitarian Bowl:
Fresno State 28, Northern Illinois 21 (Which team beat illinois? That was fresno St.)
Troy 35, Ohio 32 (I think Troy they pull it off.)
Louisville 28, Southern Miss. 21 (The cardinals sneak by a decent souther Miss team)
No. 10 Boise St. 45, No. 19 Utah 7 (Boise will come out full blast and destroy them utes)
Navy 31, San Diego St. 28 (Navy is 9-3 and has been really impressive this season, and well I LOVE RICKY DOBBS)
No. 24 Hawaii 42, Tulsa 28 (Hawaii is the best pass team in the nation that is going to be hard to stop)
FIU 14, Toledo 10 (Feeling the upset go FIU)
Air Force 21, Georgia Tech 10 (I like Air Forces offense and I'm not really a believer in GT)
N.C. State 28, No. 22 West Virginia 24 (I liked the Wolf pack throughout ACC play and WV played in a weak Big East Conference)
No. 12 Missouri 35, Iowa 14 (I think the tigers completely run over the hawkeyes. Just don't smoke any pot before the game Adam cough cough Robinson cough cough)
Maryland 21, East Carolina 3 (Maryland impressed me late in the ACC season getting big wins)
Illinois 28, Baylor 24 (Have not picked against Illinois all year this week is no different Go ILLINI)
No. 14 Oklahom St. 35, Arizona 7 (Should be a joke game those cowboys know how to play)
Army 21, SMU 14 (Army is a much more dominating team on the line)
Syracuse 35, Kansas St. 28 (The Cuse should come out hot and ready to play)
North Carolina 31, Tennessee 28 (NC will have a lot and tom much for Tennessee to handle)
No. 18 Nebraska 42, Washington 14 (What a joke and a disgrace that the ncaa give nebraska such weak competition)
South Florida 10, Clemson 7 (Tough game to pick but considering the Bulls beat Miami Florida I gotta go with them)
Notre Dame 24, Miami Florida 21 (The Catholics Vs. Convicts but neither are ranked and their is nothing on the line?)
No. 25 UCF 17, Georgia 7 (Georgia is a struggling 6-6 team and UCF has gotten hot at the right time. Dawgs go Dawn)
Chick-fil-A BOWL
No. 23 Florida St. 31, No. 20 South Carolina 28 (I have liked State recently and South Carolina has their heads down after that Auburn game)
Texas Tech 35, Northwestern 7 (Considering Persa won't play Northwestern should get killed, just look at their last two games of the season)
No. 16 Alabama 24, No. 9 Michigan St. 21 (I liked the Spartans all year, but come on Roll Tide much more talented team in Bama)
Florida 24, Penn St. 21 (Great battle of head coaches, but seriously the Gator players are going to go all out considering this is Urbans last game)
No. 21 Miss. St. 42, Michigan 28 (If Michigan's D comes to play then this could be a different story)
No.3 TCU 31, No.5 Wisconsin 28 (This was the toughest BCS game to pick, but I think the Horned Frogs have enough gas to get over the pesky Badgers. I fully anticipate this game coming down to the wire)
No. 7 Oklahoma 35, Connecticut 32 (I originally laughed at this game, but I think uconn will take all of this negativity towards them and use it for their benefit)
No. 4 Stanford 28, No. 13 VT 21 (Can't go against the future #1 Pick in Andrew Luck!)
No. 8 Arkansas 31, No. 6 Ohio St. 28 (Considering Ohio st. is in a lot of trouble right now and doesn't play well against sec teams in big games I have to go with Ryan Mallet and the Razorbacks) BOWL
Miami Ohio 24, Middle Tenn. 21 (Should be a close one, but i gotta go with Miami Ohio.)
No. 11 Lsu 35, No. 17 Texas A&M 28 (I think Lsu will come into this game PO'd and take all their anger out on the Aggies. Lsu is a very talented team and was the second best in the SEC behind Auburn)
Pitt 17, Kentucky 14 (Pitt BABY)
No. 15 Nevada 28, Boston College 14 (I think Nevada could either lose this game and be the 1 hit wonder of the world because of Boise St. or they can play like they did against Boise St. and show BC up with an impressive bowl win)
No. 1 Auburn 31, No. 2 Oregon 28 (This is going to be a flat out amazing game, and well until I see Cam Newton stopped I don't believe any one can not even Oregon. Should be a lighting game with lots of offense and scoring)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bowl Schedule

2010-11 College Football Bowl Schedule

New Mexico Bowl: BYU vs. UTEP Albuquerque, N.M. University Stadium Dec. 18 2 p.m. ESPN

uDrove Humanitarian Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State Boise, Idaho Bronco Stadium Dec. 18 5:30 p.m. ESPN

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl: Ohio vs. Troy New Orleans Louisiana Superdome Dec. 18 9 p.m. ESPN

Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl: Southern Mississippi vs. Louisville St. Petersburg, Fla. Tropicana Field Dec. 21 8 p.m. ESPN

MAACO Las Vegas Bowl: Utah vs. Boise State Las Vegas Sam Boyd Stadium Dec. 22 8 p.m. ESPN

S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl: Navy vs. San Diego State San Diego Qualcomm Stadium Dec. 23 8 p.m. ESPN

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Tulsa Honolulu Aloha Stadium Dec. 24 8 p.m. ESPN

Little Caesars Bowl: Florida International vs. Toledo Detroit Ford Field Dec. 26 8:30 p.m. ESPN

AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl: Air Force vs. Georgia Tech Shreveport, La. Independence Stadium Dec. 27 5 p.m. ESPN2

Champs Sports Bowl: West Virginia vs. NC State Orlando, Fla. Florida Citrus Bowl Dec. 28 6:30 p.m. ESPN

Insight Bowl: Missouri vs. Iowa Tempe, Ariz. Sun Devil Stadium Dec. 28 10 p.m. ESPN

Military Bowl Presented By Northrop Grumman Bowl: East Carolina vs. Maryland Washington, D.C. RFK Stadium Dec. 29 2:30 p.m. ESPN

Texas Bowl: Illinois vs. Baylor Houston Reliant Stadium Dec. 29 6 p.m. ESPN

Valero Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Arizona San Antonio Alamodome Dec. 29 9:15 p.m. ESPN

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl: Army vs. SMU Dallas Gerald J. Ford Stadium Dec. 30 Noon ESPN

New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Kansas St. vs. Syracuse Bronx, N.Y. Yankee Stadium Dec. 30 3:20 p.m. ESPN

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl: North Carolina vs. Tennessee Nashville, Tenn. LP Field Dec. 30 6:40 p.m. ESPN

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl: Nebraska vs. Washington San Diego Qualcomm Stadium Dec. 30 10 p.m. ESPN

Meineke Car Care Bowl: South Florida vs. Clemson Charlotte, N.C. Bank of America Stadium Dec. 31 Noon ESPN

Hyundai Sun Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Miami El Paso, Texas Sun Bowl Dec. 31 2 p.m. CBS

AutoZone Liberty Bowl: Georgia vs. UCF Memphis, Tenn. Liberty Bowl Dec. 31 3:30 p.m. ESPN

Chick-fil-A Bowl: South Carolina vs. Florida State Atlanta Georgia Dome Dec. 31 7:30 p.m. ESPN

TicketCity Bowl: Northwestern vs. Texas Tech Dallas Cotton Bowl Jan. 1 Noon ESPNU

Outback Bowl: Florida vs. Penn State Tampa, Fla. Raymond James Stadium Jan. 1 1 p.m. ABC

Capital One Bowl: Alabama vs. Michigan State Orlando, Fla. Florida Citrus Bowl Jan. 1 1 p.m. ESPN

Gator Bowl Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Michigan Jacksonville, Fla. Municipal Stadium Jan. 1 1:30 p.m. ESPN2 Bowl: Middle Tennessee vs. Miami (Ohio) Mobile, Ala. Ladd-Peebles Stadium Jan. 6 8 p.m. ESPN

AT&T Cotton Bowl: LSU vs. Texas A&M Arlington, Texas Cowboys Stadium Jan. 7 8 p.m. FOX

BBVA Compass Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Kentucky Birmingham, Ala. Legion Field Jan. 8 Noon ESPN

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Nevada vs. Boston College San Francisco AT&T Park Jan. 9 9 p.m. ESPN


Rose Bowl Wisconsin vs. TCU Pasadena, Calif. Rose Bowl Jan. 1 5 p.m. ESPN

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Connecticut vs. Oklahoma Glendale, Ariz. U. of Phoenix Stadium Jan. 1 8:30 p.m. ESPN/ESPN3D

Discover Orange Bowl: Stanford vs. Virginia Tech Miami Sun Life Stadium Jan. 3 8:30 p.m. ESPN

Allstate Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs. Arkansas New Orleans Louisiana Superdome Jan. 4 8:30 p.m. ESPN

Tostitos BCS National Championship Game: Oregon vs. Auburn Glendale, Ariz. U. of Phoenix Stadium Jan. 10 8:30 p.m. ESPN/ESPN3D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Final BCS Rankings, BCS Bowl Picks and Heisman (Predictions)

Top 10 BCS Rankings (Predictions):
1. Auburn 13-0
2. Oregon 12-0
3. TCU 12-0
4. Stanford 11-1
5. Wisconsin 11-1
6. Ohio St. 11-1
7. Oklahoma 10-2
8. Arkansas 10-2
9. Michigan St. 11-1
10. LSU 10-2

BCS Bowl Picks (Predictions):

National Championship
No. 1 Auburn Vs. No. 2 Oregon

Rose Bowl
No. 3 TCU Vs. No. 5 Wisconsin

Orange Bowl
No. 15 VT Vs. Connecticut

Fiesta Bowl:
No. 7 Oklahoma Vs. No. 4 Stanford

Sugar Bowl:
No. 8 Arkansas Vs. No. 6 Ohio St.

Heisman (Predictions):
1. Cam Newton-QB Auburn- He is the best player in college football the only way he does not win it is if he is found guilty. (Junior)
2. Andrew Luck-QB Stanford- Mr. Luck is a flat out stud in a very talented pac 10. I think he will be a great pro QB. (Junior)
3. LaMichael James-RB Oregon- The week he sat out with a hurt ankle really hurt his heisman hopes. (Sophomore)
4. Kellen Moore-QB Boise St.- Sad lost to Nevada ruined his chances still thinking he is a great QB. (Junior)
5. Justin Blackmon-WR Oklahoma St.- He is the best WR in the country, but if Aj Green hadn't got injured he wouldn't be the best. (Sophomore)

Week 14 Pick Results

My seventh week of picks,BCS #1 was Auburn.
Here are my results:

Overall: 16-3 (.842) (Another great week for me only did 19 picks)

Overall (Through Seven Weeks):
187-53 (.779)

ACC: 1-0 (VT easy pick in Conference Championship)
Overall: 29-9 (.763)

Big 12: 1-0 (Oklahoma easy pick in Conference Championship)
Overall: 25-13 (.658)

Big East: 3-0 (Another Strong Week Can't believe Uconn is going to be in a BCS bowl lol)
Overall: 22-3 (.880)

Big Ten: 0-1 (Illinois is such a joke)
Overall: 25-6 (.806)

Pac 10: 4-0 (Easy week)
Overall: 21-9 (.700)

SEC: 1-0 (Auburn easy pick in Conference Championship)
Overall: 35-6 (.854)

Non AQ: 6-2 (Lots of games kinda fun picking Non AQ's)
Overall: 27-7 (.794)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 14 Picks

No. 15 VT 28, No. 21 Florida St. (I have not gone against VT all year and i am not changing that now)

Big East:
No. 24 West Virginia 24, Rutgers 17 (I really like West Virginia lately)
Pitt. 31, Cincy 17 (Easy win for pitt)
Conn. 34, USF 31 (Huge game for the huskies. I really like usf I took them over Miami last week so it is hard to go against them)

Big Ten:
Illinois 24, Fresno St. 21 (Very close game Fresno is a good team)

Big 12: (Championship Game)
No. 9 Oklahoma 31, No. 13 Nebraska 28 (Oklahoma beat a very talented Oklahoma st. team now they get the cornhuskers. BOOMER SOONER)

SEC: (Championship Game)
No. 1 Auburn 31, South Carolina 28 (Can't see anyone stopping Mr. Newton)

Pac 10:
Arizona St. 34, No. 23 Arizona (Arizona has been on a huge slump, Go Sun Devils)
No. 2 Oregon 2, Oregon St. 21(Would not be surprised if the beavers win the civil war and ruin the ducks dreams for a national championship)
Washington 31, Washington St. 17 (Jake Locker puts washington on his back and gets them to 6-6)
USC 28, UCLA 24 (Usc is looking really bad lately, but I can't see them losing to their rival and Barkely is playing)

Central Florida 21, SMU 14 (I like central florida just as much as south florida)
Troy 21, Florida Atalantic 14 (Troy looks for their 7th win and I think they get it)
Boise St. 49, Utah St. 7 (The broncos destroy the aggies and show up like its their job)
No. 17 Nevada 70, Louisiana Tech 7 (Nevada is on fire and destroy Tech)
Idaho 21, San Jose State 3 (I don't really care lol)
Florida International 28, Middle Tennessee 21 (FIU destroyed Troy but MTU lost to Troy)
NIU 35, Miami Ohio 21 (NIU is been on fire lately go huskies)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 14 BCS Standings

BCS Standings

1 Auburn 12-0
2 Oregon 11-0
3 TCU 12-0
4 Stanford 11-1
5 Wisconsin 11-1
6 Ohio State 11-1
7 Arkansas 10-2
8 Michigan State 11-1
9 Oklahoma 10-2
10 LSU 10-2
11 Boise State 10-1
12 Missouri 10-2
13 Nebraska 10-2
14 Oklahoma State 10-2
15 Virginia Tech 10-2
16 Alabama 9-3
17 Nevada 11-1
18 Texas A&M 9-3
19 South Carolina 9-3
20 Utah 10-2
21 Florida State 9-3
22 Mississippi State 8-4
23 Arizona 7-4
24 West Virginia 8-3
25 Northern Illinois 10-2

Week 13 Pick Results

My sixth week of picks,BCS #1 was Oregon.
Here are my results:

Overall: 34-7 (.829) (Obviously this more than 36 games, but a lot of games were duplicates in two conferences)
I had a huge week I love doing these picks.

Overall (Through Six Weeks):
171-50 (.774)

ACC: 8-1 (What Up ACC)
Overall: 28-9 (.757)

Big 12: 5-1 (I knew oklahoma st. would lose)
Overall: 24-13 (.649)

Big East: 5-0 (Another Strong Week)
Overall: 19-3 (.864)

Big Ten: 4-1 (Dang Iowa again lol)
Overall: 25-5 (.833)

Pac 10: 3-2 (How did USC Lose again?)
Overall: 17-9 (.654)

SEC: 7-1 (I am on fire)
Overall: 34-6 (.850)

Non AQ: 2-1 (How did boise state lose haha)
Overall: 21-5 (.808)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 13 Picks (Best Week Of College Football)

Big 10: (This has to be my 5-0 week, but I would love to see Ohio St. Michigan St. Iowa And Wisconsin to lose)

No. 8 Ohio State 38, Michigan 14 (No Game Michigan can not stop anyone on defense)
No. 10 Michigan State 28, Penn State 25 (I think Penn st. will give them a scare but not enough to beat them)
Indiana 31, Purdue 24 (Who Cares?)
No. 24 Iowa 34, Minnesota 10 (Iowa wins easy)
No. 7 Wisconsin 49, Northwestern 10 (Northwestern might be mad about losing to the Illini so look for them to come out strong and finish a game unlike against Michigan St. Think of this though Wisconsin has a better running team than illinois, and illinois got 500 yards on the ground so watch out this could be a blow out early too)

Big 12: (Huge Week. Hope my picks get me somewhere)

No. 17 Texas A&M 20, Texas 13 (A&M has been very impressive thus far)
No. 15 Nebraska 19, Colorado 10 (Nebraska should role)
No. 14 Missouri 31, Kansas 10 (Mizzou is looking good)
Kansas State 41, North Texas 10 (I laugh cause north texas sucks)
Texas Tech 47, Houston 21 (Good joke game)
No. 9 Oklahoma State 45, No. 13 Oklahoma 42 (Huge game actually think Oklahoma pulls it out, but I haven't gone against Oklahoma St. well doing my picks)

Big East: (Could be a trip up week, but who cares about the Big East anyway no one is ranked)

West Virginia 17, Pittsburgh 10 (Like W.V. in the backyard brawl)
Connecticut 35, Cincinnati 21 (Cincy has not really impressed me lately)
Louisville 21, Rutgers 10 (Rutgers is not looking like a team that could pull this off)
South Florida 23, Miami 20 (I love south florida)
Boston College 19, Syracuse 12 (The Eagles keep rolling)

ACC: (Had a huge week last week, feeling another one this week)

Boston College 19, Syracuse 12 (The Eagles keep rolling)
No. 18 South Carolina 24, Clemson 21 (South Carolina looks amazing)
No. 22 Florida State 27, Florida 24 (Florida st. finally beats the shaky gators)
No. 23 NC State 35, Maryland 21 (N.C. St. wins easy and gets to the acc championship)
Wake Forest 24, Vanderbilt 21 (Who cares?)
UNC 28, Duke 14 (UNC easily beats a weak duke team)
Georgia 35, Georgia Tech 21 (Georgia becomes bowl eligible and clicks on all cylinders)
No. 16 Virginia Tech 42, Virginia 10 (VT is my team and i'll pick them to the end)
South Florida 23, Miami 20 (I love south florida)

SEC: (I have been on fire with my sec picks)

No. 11 Alabama 34, No. 2 Auburn 31 (Roll tide, Georgia exploited auburn's secondary with a better QB and WR group Bama easily wins)
No. 12 Arkansas 31,No. 5 LSU 21 (LSU goes down and my favorite sec team moves on RYAN MALLET)
No. 25 Mississippi State 27, Ole Miss 24 (Miss. St. is not a bad team)
Tennessee 37, Kentucky 34 (Tenn. squeaks by)
No. 22 Florida State 27, Florida 24 (Florida st. finally beats the shaky gators)
No. 18 South Carolina 24, Clemson 21 (South Carolina looks amazing in this matchup)
Georgia 38, Georgia Tech 21 (Georgia becomes bowl eligible and clicks on all cylinders)
Vanderbilt 24, Wake Forest 21 (Who cares?)

Non-AQ: (Feeling 3-0)

No. 3 TCU 55, New Mexico 0 (HAHAHAHAAHHAA)
No. 4 Boise State 41, No. 19 Nevada 7 (Boise st. proves to the world they belong in the National Championship)
No. 20 Utah 28, BYU 21 (Utah squeaks by)

Pac 10: (This should be my week if cal and Usc do not let me down.)

Arizona State 27, UCLA 14 (The sun devils win easy)
No. 1 Oregon 38, No. 21 Arizona 31 (Oregon survives a late scare)
California 24, Washington 16 (Cal. comes up big and gets their 6th win)
No. 6 Stanford 41, Oregon State 28 (Oregon st. impressed me last week, but so did ANDREW LUCK)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 13 BCS Standings

BCS Standings
1 Oregon 10-0
2 Auburn 11-0
3 TCU 11-0
4 Boise State 10-0
5 LSU 10-1
6 Stanford 10-1
7 Wisconsin 10-1
8 Ohio State 10-1
9 Oklahoma State 10-1
10 Michigan State 10-1
11 Alabama 9-2
12 Arkansas 9-2
13 Oklahoma 9-2
14 Missouri 9-2
15 Nebraska 9-2
16 Virginia Tech 9-2
17 Texas A&M 8-3
18 South Carolina 8-3
19 Nevada 10-1
20 Utah 9-2
21 Arizona 7-3
22 Florida State 8-3
23 North Carolina State 8-3
24 Iowa 7-4
25 Mississippi State 7-4

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 12 Results

My fifth week of picks,BCS #1 was Oregon.
Here are my results:

Overall: 31-5 (.861)
Best Week What a week I had!

Overall (Through Five Weeks):
137-43 (.761)

ACC: 6-0 (On a roll the last two weeks go Hokies)
Overall: 20-8 (.714)

Big 12: 6-1 (Huge Week)
Overall: 19-12 (.613)

Big East: 3-1 (Another Strong Week with the Big East)
Overall: 14-3 (.824)

Big Ten: 4-1 (Dang Iowa)
Overall: 21-4 (.840)

Pac 10: 2-1 (How did USC Lose?)
Overall: 14-7 (.667)

SEC: 6-0 (Really getting the picks right when it counts)
Overall: 27-5 (.844)

Non AQ: 4-1 (ND Wins wow?)
Overall: 19-4 (.826)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 12 Picks

SEC: (Feeling a 6-0 maybe 5-1, either way Sec is my conference)

Alabama 45, Georgia State 0
Arkansas 37, Mississippi State 21
LSU 34, Ole Miss 7
Tennessee 30, Vanderbilt 14
South Carolina 38, Troy 0
Florida 31, Appalachian State 0

Non-AQ: (Nd Game might screw me up, but I HATE ND)

No. 4 Boise State 45, Fresno State 31
No. 18 Nevada 55, New Mexico State 0
No. 23 Utah 28, San Diego State 21
Tulsa 35, UTEP 10
Army 21, ND 7

Big 12: (Huge week gotta go 7-0)

No. 10 Oklahoma State 51, Kansas 14
Kansas State 31, Colorado 21
Texas Tech 35, Weber State 0
Texas 27, Florida Atlantic 7
No. 15 Missouri 38, Iowa State 35
No. 14 Oklahoma 38 , Baylor 35
No. 19 Texas A&M 28, No. 8 Nebraska 27

Big 10: (Illinois is my only questionable call, could be 5-0 or 3-2)

Wisconsin 37, Michigan 35
Michigan State 28, Purdue 0
Penn State 31, Indiana 14
Iowa 28, Ohio State 21
Illinois 28, Northwestern 21

ACC: (I think I'll go at least 5-1 GO HOKIES)

Boston College 14, Virginia 0
Florida State 28, Maryland 21
NC State 24, UNC 14
Clemson 21, Wake Forest 0
Virginia Tech 35, Miami 28
Georgia Tech 38, Duke 35

Pac 10: (Easy Week 3-0)

Washington 28, UCLA 21
Stanford 28, California 25
USC 40, Oregon State 21

Big East:

Pitt 20, UCF 7
West Virginia 17 Louisville 7
Syracuse 10 Connecticut 0
Cincinnati 28 Rutgers 10

Sunday, November 14, 2010

BCS Standings (4th Week)

1 Oregon 10-0 BYE
2 Auburn 11-0 BYE
3 TCU 11-0 BYE
4 Boise State 9-0 Vs. Fresno St. (Fresno Really Impressed me against Nevada, Should be a great game)
5 LSU 9-1 Vs. Mississippi (Should not be a test)
6 Stanford 9-1 @ California
7 Wisconsin 9-1 @ Michigan
8 Nebraska 9-1 @ #19 Texas A&M (Huge Game Go AGGIES)
9 Ohio State 9-1 @ # 20 Iowa (Go Hawk Eyes)
10 Oklahoma State 9-1 @ Kansas (Easy Win)
11 Alabama 8-2 Vs. Georgia St. (HAHAHA)
12 Michigan State 9-1 Vs. Purdue (Good Joke)
13 Arkansas 8-2 @ #21 Miss. St. (Should Be a good one)
14 Oklahoma 8-2 @ Baylor (Huge Game)
15 Missouri 8-2 @ Iowa St. (Watch out for Cyclones)
16 Virginia Tech 8-2 @ #24 Miami (Loving the hokies)
17 South Carolina 7-3 Vs. Troy (Lol)
18 Nevada 9-1 Vs. New Mexico St. (Joke Game)
19 Texas A&M 7-3 Vs. # 8 Nebraksa (Should be a great one)
20 Iowa 7-3 Vs. # 9 Ohio St. (Go Iowa)
21 Mississippi State 7-3 Vs. # 13 Arkansas (Going to be a great game in the SEC)
22 Arizona 7-3 BYE
23 Utah 8-2 @ San Diego St. (Go Aztecs)
24 Miami (FL) 7-3 Vs. # 16 Virginia Tech (Going to be a good game)
25 Florida State 7-3 @ Maryland (Go Seminoles)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 11 Results

My fourth week of picks,BCS #1 was Oregon.
Here are my results:

Overall: 27-9 Tied for my second best week Made some clutch calls.
Overall (Through Four Weeks):

ACC: 5-1 (Dustin Hopkins Holy CRAP!!)
Overall: 14-8

Big 12: 3-3 (God my Big 12 Picks are getting worse)
Overall: 13-11

Big East: 3-1 (Another Strong Week with the Big East)
Overall: 11-2

Big Ten: 4-1 (Illinois ticks me off, So UNPREDICTABLE)
Overall: 17-3

Pac 10: 3-1 (Getting My Swag Back)
Overall: 12-6

SEC: 6-1 (Really getting the picks right when it counts)
Overall: 21-5

Non AQ: 3-1 (Utah ughhhh)
Overall: 15-3

Friday, November 12, 2010

Breaking News: Pryor Wants To Stay For Senior Season

Despite saying earlier this week that he'd like to play basketball again, Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is committed to football and has enjoyed his almost three years with the Buckeyes.

He's liked it so much, in fact, he swears he'll be back for his senior year.

"I'm a Buckeye until I break all the records," he said during preparations for the Buckeyes' showdown on Saturday at Ohio Stadium against Penn State.

The junior said he had no intention -- at least right now -- of jumping into the NFL draft.

"I feel like I want to get my degree and finish off strong and maybe have a better season next year with no losses," he said. "I love being here and I need to develop more knowledge as a human being and not worry about money and stuff like that.

"My mom works a little bit so I can use some of her money, and the money that we get here," Pryor said, referring to his scholarship and stipends that athletes receive for expenses. "I don't really have to worry. I can suffer another year, I just want to gain more knowledge as a human being before I leave."

Good Luck Terrelle

Thursday, November 11, 2010

BCS Standings (3rd Week)

BCS Standings
1 Oregon 9-0 @ California (W)
2 Auburn 10-0 Vs. Georgia (L)
3 TCU 10-0 Vs. San Diego St. (W)
4 Boise State 8-0 @ Idaho (W)
5 LSU 8-1 Vs. L.A. Monroe (W)
6 Stanford 8-1 @ Arizona St. (W)
7 Wisconsin 8-1 Vs. Indiana (W)
8 Nebraska 8-1 Vs. Kansas (W)
9 Ohio State 8-1 Vs. Penn St. (W)
10 Oklahoma State 8-1 @ Texas (W)
11 Michigan State 9-1 BYE
12 Alabama 7-2 Vs. #19 Miss. St. (W)
13 Iowa 7-2 @ Northwestern (W)
14 Utah 8-1 @ ND (W)
15 Arkansas 7-2 Vs. UTEP (W)
16 Oklahoma 7-2 Vs. Texas Tech (W)
17 Missouri 7-2 Vs. # 24 Kansas St. (L)
18 Arizona 7-2 VS. USC (L)
19 Mississippi State 7-2 @ # 12 Alabama (L)
20 Virginia Tech 7-2 @ North Carolina (W)
21 Nevada 8-1 @ Fresno St. (W)
22 Florida 6-3 Vs. # 23 South Carolina (L)
23 South Carolina 6-3 @ # 22 Florida (W)
24 Kansas State 6-3 @ # 17 Missouri (W)
25 Texas A&M 6-3 @ Baylor (L)

Week 11 Picks


South Carolina 28, Florida 21 : Huge game pick wise have to go with the Gamecocks
Florida 28Georgia 38, Auburn 35 : I have to pick the upset. Off the field distractions are probably getting to Auburn
Alabama 24, Mississippi State 17: Want to pick the upset, but know Bama will come out strong
Tennessee 28, Ole Miss 21: Tennessee looks strong Ole miss not so much
Kentucky 31, Vanderbilt 17: Vandy Blows
LSU 35, Louisiana-Monroe 3 : Good joke
Arkansas 41, UTEP 14 : HAHAHA

Big 12:

No. 24 Kansas State 24, No. 17 Missouri 21 : K st. beat a quality Texas time Wild Cats Win
Iowa State 30, Colorado 24 : Cyclones Roll
No. 16 Oklahoma 34, Texas Tech 27: Close one but OK sneaks a win out
No. 8 Nebraska 41, Kansas 13: Omaha all day
Baylor 31, No. 25 Texas A&M 30: Such a hard pick ehh baylor by a hair
No. 10 Oklahoma State 34, Texas 17: Joke Game


No. 4 Boise State 45, Idaho 13 : No contest
No. 3 TCU 38, San Diego State 10 : No Contest again lol
No. 14 Utah 35, at Notre Dame 20 : Ehh close one but UTAH is still very good
No. 21 Nevada 45, Fresno State 31 : Huge game but I think nevada shows up and does not look ahead to Boise State

Pac 10:

Oregon State 33, Washington State 20: State Sucks
Oregon 45, California 17: Joke Game
Stanford 31, Arizona State 24: Easy win
USC 24, Arizona 21: FIght On!

Big 10:

Illinois 31, Minnesota 16: Easy Pick
Northwestern 35, Iowa 21: NW will actually finish this game
Wisconsin 38, Indiana 21: Joke Game
Michigan 37, Purdue 21: HAHA
Ohio State 27, Penn State 24: Penn St. Is on fire look for a really quick start maybe even a win, but OSU wins on last second field goal

Big East:

Pitt 23, Connecticut 16: Pittt all day
South Florida 24, Louisville 21: I like South Florida I have liked them the whole year
West Virginia 28, Cincinnati 20: WV gets back on winning track
Syracuse 24, Rutgers 10: CUSE ALL DAY


Boston College 24, Duke 10: Eagles win big
Clemson 28, Florida State 20: So close to call ehhhh. Clemson got a huge win last week. Look for them to do it again.
Maryland 21, Virginia 17: Virginia lost to Duke enough said
NC State 35, Wake Forest 14: Since Wake Forest is terrible I have to say NC ST. but i still have little confidence in them
Miami 31, Georgia Tech 21: I think Miami wins but GT is right there the whole game
Virginia Tech 28, North Carolina 17: VT is my team from the ACC I like them to win the rest of their games including this one

Week 10 Pick Results

(Sorry this is so late, I have been busy lately)
My third week of picks,BCS #1 was Oregon.
Here are my results

Overall: 24-12 Worst Week Yet

Overall (Through Three Weeks):

By Conference:

Big 10: 4-1 (Another Strong Week With My Picks)
Total: 13-2

Pac 10: 4-1 (My Best Week So Far, UCLA Is So Unpredictable)
Total: 9-5

Big East: 1-1 (Damn Syracuse)
Total: 8-1

Big 12: 2-4 (Horrible Week Big 12 Getting Very Unpredictable)
Total: 10-8

SEC: 6-2 (Another Strong Week, But A Lot Of Easy Games To Pick)
Total: 15-4

ACC: 3-3 (Tough Week Promising A 6-0 This Week)
Total: 9-7

Non-AQ: 4-0 (Predicting Another 4-0 This Week)
Total: 12-2

Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 10 Picks

Pac 10:

Oregon 70, Washington 7
California 41, Washington State 10
Oregon State 38, UCLA 21
USC 34, Arizona State 30
Stanford 38, Arizona 27


Alabama 27, LSU 24
Arkansas 42, South Carolina 31
Florida 35, Vanderbilt 10
Tennessee 40, Memphis 14
Auburn 70, Chattanooga 17
Ole Miss 50, Louisiana-Lafayette 14
Georgia 60, Idaho State 7
Kentucky 48, Charleston Southern 10

Big 10:

Iowa 31, Indiana 13
Illinois 35, Michigan 21
Michigan State 38, Minnesota 10
Wisconsin 37, Purdue 9
Penn State 30, Northwestern 21

Big 12:

No. 21 Baylor 51, No. 17 Oklahoma State 38
Kansas 30, Colorado 27
No. 7 Nebraska 38, Iowa State 20
No. 8 Oklahoma 30, Texas A&M 14
Texas 23, Kansas State 20
No. 12 Missouri 34, Texas Tech 24


Virginia Tech 45, Georgia Tech 24
Boston College 21, Wake Forest 7
NC State 28, Clemson 17
Florida State 35, North Carolina 14
Miami 24, Maryland 20
Virginia 31, Duke 21

Non AQ:

No. 3 TCU 35, No. 5 Utah 21
No. 4 Boise State 38, Hawaii 35
No. 23 Nevada 35, Idaho 24

Big East:

South Florida 30, Rutgers 21
Syracuse 30, Louisville 13

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Week 9 Pick Results

(Sorry this is so late, I have been busy lately)
My second week of picks,BCS #1 was Auburn. Went Decent.
Here are my results



Overall (Through Two Weeks):

By Conference:

Big 10: 4-1
Total: 9-1

Pac 10: 2-3
Total: 5-4

Big East: 3-0
Total: 7-0

Big 12: 4-2
Total: 8-4

SEC: 4-1
Total: 9-2

ACC: 3-2
Total: 6-4

Non-AQ: 1-0
Total: 8-2

Monday, November 1, 2010

Big 10 Race

Conference Standings:

1. Michigan State (4-1) 8-1
Remaining Schedule: Minnesota, Purdue, @ Penn St.- Finish 3-0= (7-1) 11-1
2. Ohio State (4-1) 8-1
Remaining Schedule: Penn St., @#16 Iowa, Vs. Michigan- Finish 2-1= (6-2) 10-2
3. Wisconsin (3-1) 7-1
Remaining Schedule: @ Purdue, Indiana, @ Michigan, Northwestern- Finish 4-0= (7-1) 11-1
4. Iowa (3-1) 6-2
Remaining Schedule: @ Indiana, @ Northwestern, #11 Ohio St, @ Minnesota-Finish 4-0= (7-1) 10-2
5. Illinois (3-2) 5-3
Remaining Schedule: @ Michigan, Minnesota, @ Northwestern, @ Fresno St-Finish 4-0=(7-2) 9-3
6. Northwestern (2-2) 6-2
Remaining Schedule: @ Penn st., #16 Iowa, Illinois, @#9 Wisconsin-Finish 0-4= (2-6) 10-2
7. Penn State (2-2) 5-3
Remaining Schedule: Northwestern, @#11 Ohio St., Indiana, #14 Michigan St.-Finish 2-3 (4-5) 7-5
8. Purdue (2-2) 4-4
Remaining Schedule: #9 Wisconsin, Michigan, @#14 Michigan St, Indiana-Finish 0-4 (2-6) 4-8
9. Michigan (1-3) 5-3
Remaining Schedule: Illinois, @ Purdue, #9 Wisconsin, @#11 Ohio St-Finish 1-3 (2-6) 6-6
10. Indiana (0-4) 4-4
Remaining Schedule: #16 Iowa, @#9 Wisconsin, Penn St, @ Purdue-Finish 0-4 (0-8) 4-8
11. Minnesota (0-5) 1-8
Remaining Schedule: @#14 Michigan St, Illinois, #16 Iowa-Finish 0-3 (0-8) 1-11

My Final Standings:
1. Michigan St.
2. Wisconsin
3. Iowa
4. Ohio St.
5. Illinois
6. Penn St
7. Northwestern
8. Purdue
9. Michigan
10. Indiana
11. Minnesota

I Am Getting Tired Of The BCS Already

So this is the third week of the BCS, and I am already sick of it. I have a lot of complaints about these new rankings. Take a look:

1 Oregon 8-0
2 Auburn 9-0
3 TCU 9-0
4 Boise State 7-0
5 Utah 8-0
6 Alabama 7-1
7 Nebraska 7-1
8 Oklahoma 7-1
9 Wisconsin 7-1
10 LSU 7-1
11 Ohio State 8-1
12 Missouri 7-1
13 Stanford 7-1
14 Michigan State 8-1
15 Arizona 7-1
16 Iowa 6-2
17 Oklahoma State 7-1
18 Arkansas 6-2
19 South Carolina 6-2
20 Mississippi State 7-2
21 Baylor 7-2
22 Virginia Tech 6-2
23 Nevada 7-1
24 Florida State 6-2
25 North Carolina State 6-2

My problems:
• Oregon beat USC SO WHAT!! They were supposed to beat USC in the first place its not a big deal.
• Auburn plays well, and wins, but they drop a spot?
• TCU beat a 1-7 UNLV team by 42. HOW DO YOU MOVE UP A SPOT WHEN YOU BEAT A 1-7 TEAM
• Boise State keeps winning but they move down? The Broncos get no love at all its sad!
• Utah is not that good. TCU beat Air Force by 31, and Utah beat them by 5!! UTAH IS GOING DOWN THIS WEEK GO HORNED FROGS.
• Like I said last week Bama is SNEAKING up in the polls i expect them to beat LSU this week and win out and play for the National Championship again
• Nebraska had a nice showing against Mizzou but anyone could of picked that game from a mile away
• Oklahoma is not all that but when them and nebraska play in the big 12 championship we will see
• Wisconsin might win the big 10 but they are sneaking up and have a very favorable season ahead
• LSU needs a huge win against Bama or they can kiss there prayers goodbye

Other Thoughts:
• Iowa was 18 last week and now there only 16? after beating M. State who was #5 who is 14. So michigan state can drop 9 places? and Iowa only goes up 2? no iowa should be were LSU is at #10

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breaking News: Dayne Crist Done For Season

Notre Dames starting QB Dayne Cris was sidelined on a knee injury. Crist was hurt in the first quarter when he was hit out of bounds after a 29-yard run and watched the second half on crutches from the sidelines. The announcers said that this certain injury may take a year to heal. Notre Dame just is not having the best week. First losing Declan Sullivan in a tragic wind accident. Please keep him and his family in you prayers. Also ND lost to tulsa today 28-27. Tulsa is the smallest FBS school. And now this. Sorry ND obviously this year you do not have the Luck of the Irish.

In Game Analysis: Top 25 Teams

• Nebraska within 5 minutes of kickoff
• Nebraska gets 3 and out and continues to march Vs. Missouri
• Nebraska field goal 10-0 vs. Missouri
• Mizzou punt
• Martinez big gain in the air
• Nebraska TOUCHDOWN 17-0
• Mizzou D is just not there
• TOUCHDOWN Nebraska take a seat missouri 24-0
• Missouri marching past Nebraska 50: Start of 2nd quarter
• Mizzou gets on roll now has to punt
• Mizzou TOUCHDOWN 24-7 11:27 2nd Quarter
• Mizzou gets huge three and out lets go tigers ball on there own 47
• Damn tigers give ball right back had to punt
• Nebraska Great field position at 50 after 54 yard Mizzou Field Goal miss
• Missouri gets ball back after punt 1:20 left at own 39 Gabbert passing well
• HALF:Nebraska 24 Mizzou 7
• TOUCHDOWN Missorui 14-24 : 7:31 left in 3rd Quarter
• TOUCHDOWN NEBRASKA 31-14: 6:38 left in 3rd Quarter
• I have given up all hope for Mizzou to win down 31-14 with 3:21 left in the 3rd Quarter
• Scratch What I said above i have a really weird feeling that Mizzou will come back only down 31-17 with 9:01 in the game and have the ball. this is college football

• Arizona Score within 5 minutes of kickoff
• Ucla huge kick off return marching trying to tie Arizona
• TOUCHDOWN UCLA 7-7 vs. Arizona
• Arizona punt
• Ucla marches then throws pick on Arizona's 15
• Arizona on a roll 3 big rushes in a row
• Arizona converts on 4th and 1 come on Ucla step up the D
• TOUCHDOWN Arizona missed extra point 13-7 Arizona Vs. Ucla
• FEILD GOAL Arizona 16-7 vs. Ucla 8:21 in 2nd quarter
• Ucla 3 and out looking crappy right now
• Arizona is taking over inside 20 soon to be another score
• Arizona pulling away at Ucla 40
• Ucla actually held them got ball back but then had a 3 and out and punt back just swell
• Arizona moving fast on Uclas 37: 33 seconds left in half
• Arizona at Ucla's 7 but only 3 seconds left no TO's
• FIELD GOAL ARIZONA: 19-7 vs. Ucla at half
• UCLA BABY TOUCHDOWN 19-14 Arizona 13:31 left in 3rd Quarter
• TOUCHDOWN ARIZONA 26-14 6:45 left in 3rd Quarter
• TOUCHDOWN UCLA LETS GO BRUINS 26-21 Arizona 14:24 left in 4th Quarter
• Arizona ball on own 30 11:10 left in 4th Quarter LETS GO BRUINS
• Bruins hold them yes 3 and out

In Game Analysis: #5 Michigan State @ #18 Iowa

1st Quarter:
• And there goes the Kick Off-Iowa's Ball
• Iowa absolutely destroying M.St. Defense 1st and Goal 9:36 1st Quarter.
• Adam Robinson is carrying this Hawkeye Offense.
• TOUCHDOWN IOWA 7-0 8:48 1st Quarter.

• Michigan St. Better bounce back on offense right now. Cant come from behind twice in a row.
• State coming out weak on offense 4th and 1 on own 36 Go for it cant go down 14-0.
• State punts comon man'

• Iowa 3 and 9 own 18 D Fense NOW
• Damnit 25 yard pass by Stanzi first down Iowa
• Another 3rd down comes up and another 8 yard Stanzi completion
• This one might be over by the end of the 1st quarter Iowa 23 yards away from TD
• Field goal Iowa 10-0

• Pick Six Iowa 17-0. 10 seconds left in 1st quarter

Second Quarter:
• It is over Iowa is gonna win and its just the start of the second quarter
• 1st down State
• Cousin is getting comfortable
• Spoke way to soon Cousins throws pick
• Pick then 3 play drive = TOUCHDOWN IOWA 23-0 7:05 2nd Quarter

• Michigan punts back. Iowa has ball on own 40- 2:00 minutes left in the half
• TOUCHDOWN IOWA 30-0: 1:01 Remains in the 2st half
• State fumbles on own 18 so lucky to get it back

Third Quarter:
• Stanzi Throws another TD 37-0 Iowa 7:35 left in 3rd Quarter

Fourth Quarter:
• Took State till 14:56 left in the 4th Quarter to score 37-6 Missed 2pt conversion Touchdown M. St.
• 7:13 left and Iowa up 31 this one is over man the big 10 race is getting exciting. Deff. will be blogging about that. Go illini

Breaking News:Jacory Harris Hurt

Miami's QB Jacory Harris was hit square in the chest today after a play against Virginia. It was clean hit not flag worthy. After the hit he hit the ground hard, helmet first. Jacory laid on his back for several minutes until finally getting helped off the field. The hurricanes already losing big to Virginia had to put in their third string QB, Spencer Whipple. He ended up throwing two picks and the Hurricanes had to rely on Red Shirt Freshmen, fourth string QB, Stephen Morris. Miami is losing 24-20 as we speak. There is 4 minutes left. Come on Hurricanes keep my picks perfect.

P.S. Miami's second string QB was injured before this game, and Morris is not looking bad. Miami has a future.

Breaking News: Michigan State Vs. Boise State?

Much has been made about the non-conference schedule Boise State plays, and whether it is enough to make up for its weak WAC schedule. Next season, Boise State joins the Mountain West and will automatically have a schedule upgrade in league play. But even non conference games Boise State plays get criticized. So do attempts at scheduling non conference games. Headlines were made this year when Boise State turned down the chance to play Nebraska. The Spartans recently announced a home and home series with Miami and also will play Alabama and West Virginia in future years. The Spartans have extended their rivalry series with Notre Dame as well.

Boise State and Michigan State will open the 2012 season on Friday, Aug., 31, in Spartan Stadium. Yes finally Boise State can say they played someone, but how do we know Michigan State will be good in 2012 and what about Boise State. Maybe this match up will not be as good as I hope it to be. If the exact teams that are here today played in 2012 it would be a great game. I hope both teams are athletic and strong in 2012, but again who knows. Either way Michigan State has a big test today so good luck. Go Sparty and Go Broncos.

Michigan State Future will be a real test
Boise State will really have to upgrade their scheduling of non conference games to receive any respect.

GameDay Picks (Non-Top 25) Week 9

Clemson 14
(4-3, 2-2 ACC)
Boston College 28

Wake Forest 10
(2-5, 1-3 ACC)
Maryland 21
(5-2, 2-1 ACC)

William & Mary 24
North Carolina 21
(4-3, 2-2 ACC)

Big 12:
Kansas 21
(2-5, 0-3 Big 12)
Iowa St 24
(4-4, 2-2 Big 12)

Texas Tech 15
(4-3, 2-3 Big 12)
Texas A&M 18
(4-3, 1-2 Big 12)

Big East:

Louisville 38
(4-3, 1-1 Big East)
Pittsburgh 42
(4-3, 2-0 Big East)

Syracuse 35
(5-2, 2-1 Big East)
Cincinnati 25
(3-4, 1-1 Big East)

Big 10:
Purdue 17
(4-3, 2-1 Big Ten)
Illinois 42
(4-3, 2-2 Big Ten)

Northwestern 35
(5-2, 1-2 Big Ten)
Indiana 34
(4-3, 0-3 Big Ten)

Michigan 21
(5-2, 1-2 Big Ten)
Penn St 24
(4-3, 1-2 Big Ten)

Pac 10:
California 35
(4-3, 2-2 Pac-10)
Oregon St 32
(3-3, 2-1 Pac-10)
Washington St 7
(1-7, 0-5 Pac-10)
Arizona St 28
(3-4, 1-3 Pac-10)

Florida 14
(4-3, 2-3 SEC)
Georgia 21
(4-4, 3-3 SEC)


ND 14
Tulsa 24

GameDay Picks (Top 25) Week 9

1Auburn 42
(8-0, 5-0 SEC)
Mississippi 14
(3-4, 1-3 SEC)

2 Oregon 35 Game of the week: Its USC's turn to be on the winning side of a last second field goal.
(7-0, 4-0 Pac-10)
USC 38
(5-2, 2-2 Pac-10)

4TCU 52
(8-0, 4-0 MWC)
(1-6, 1-2 MWC)

5Michigan St 30
(8-0, 4-0 Big Ten)
18Iowa 28
(5-2, 2-1 Big Ten)

6Missouri 14
(7-0, 3-0 Big 12)
14Nebraska 28
(6-1, 2-1 Big 12)

8Utah 38
(7-0, 4-0 MWC)
Air Force 35
(5-3, 3-2 MWC)

Colorado 7
(3-4, 0-3 Big 12)
9Oklahoma 28
(6-1, 2-1 Big 12)

11Ohio St 49
(7-1, 3-1 Big Ten)
Minnesota 0
(1-7, 0-4 Big Ten)

13Stanford 35
(6-1, 3-1 Pac-10)
Washington 32
(3-4, 2-2 Pac-10)

15Arizona 14
(6-1, 3-1 Pac-10)
(3-4, 1-3 Pac-10)

17Oklahoma St 28
(6-1, 2-1 Big 12)
Kansas St 31
(5-2, 2-2 Big 12)

Vanderbilt 7
(2-5, 1-3 SEC)
19Arkansas 35
(5-2, 2-2 SEC)

Tennessee 14
(2-5, 0-4 SEC)
20South Carolina 21
(5-2, 3-2 SEC)

Kentucky 3
(4-4, 1-4 SEC)
21Miss. St 21
(6-2, 2-2 SEC)

22Miami (FL) 24
(5-2, 3-1 ACC)
Virginia 17

Utah St 24
(2-5, 0-3 WAC)
24Nevada 27
(6-1, 1-1 WAC)

25Baylor 31
(6-2, 3-1 Big 12)
Texas 34
(4-3, 2-2 Big 12)


My Hesiman Ballot:

1. Kellen Moore- He is the most reliable candidate. He is also the most consistent candidate we have I personally think he will win the heisman this year.
2. Cameron Newton- Amazing stats,but can he keep it up we will see.
3. LaMicheal James- He is only a sophomore wait till next year buddy.
4. Andrew Luck- Outstanding player, but just can't get to were Newton and Moore are.
5. Justin Blackmon- Another quality WR from Oklahoma St., but when is the last time a WR won the Heisman? exactly.

Out Looking in: Denard Robinson, Kirk Cousin (This week is huge for him), Blaine Gabbert (This week is huge for him), Matt Barkley (This week is huge for him), John Clay, and Terrelle Pryor.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Game Analysis: #3 Boise State Vs. Louisiana Tech

With about 7 minutes in the fourth quarter left and the score

Boise St. 49
Louisiana Tech 13

I think it is safe to say there will be no upset here. Boise state did come out slow 14-7 after the first quarter. I did think this would come down to the third or fourth quarter, but I did expect Boise St. to win. With this win they move to 7-0. Just another win on the blue turf. Boise State once again proved there offense to be unstoppable and their D was decent. Louisiana Tech is a terrible team at going to be 3-5. But they did win over Utah State and Idaho which means two more guaranteed wins for Boise State. Good Luck Broncos hope you get that national championship chance. Go get Hawaii Next saturday Nov. 6th

Oh What A Season We Have

So three # 1's have gone down in a matter of 3 weeks. With the second BCS poll out I decided to go through the top 10 and rank their schedule 1-10 on hardest and predicted the rest of their games and give you my early National Championship projection:

1. Auburn 8-0 (Had a huge game against LSU. Cam newton is playing like he already won the heisman just unstoppable.)
Rest of Schedule: @ Mississippi Do not over look Ole Miss. (Toss up) Vs. Chattanooga (Win) Vs. Georgia If it was not at home it would be a toss up (Win) @ #8 Alabama Alabama is to strong at home (Lose)
Schedule Rank: 3

2. Oregon 7-0 (Has a tough schedule remain out of top 10, Good luck ducks)
Rest of Schedule: @ USC Its called pay back Oregon(Lose) Vs. Washington (Win) @ Cal. (Win) Vs. #14 Arizona (Toss up) @ Oregon St. A Must worry game for the ducks if they get past those 4 Oregon st. will trip them up (Toss up)
Schedule Rank: 2

3. Boise State 7-0 (Easy Rest of the Way)
Rest of Schedule: Vs. Hawaii (Win) @ Idaho (Win) Vs. Fresno St. (Win) @ #24 Nevada Should not be trouble but do not look past this game (Toss Up) Vs. Utah State (Win)
Schedule Rank: 10 (Easiest)

4. TCU 8-0 (3 out of last 4 games on the road)
Rest of Schedule: @ UNLV (Win) @ #8 Utah Utah is a much more talented team(Lose) Vs. San Diego St. (Win) @ New Mexico (Win)
Schedule Rank: 7

5. Michigan State 8-0 (Win this week seals fate)
Rest of Schedule: @ #18 Iowa Want the spartans to win but I think Iowa is much stronger(Toss Up) Vs. Minnesota (Win) Vs. Purdue (Win) @ Penn St. (Win)
Schedule Rank: 8

6. Missouri 7-0 (Huge win over Oklahoma, but come on they cant keep it up)
Rest of Schedule: @ #14 Nebraska No way they pull it off on the road, at home yes (Lose) Vs. Kansas St. Dont overlook them had a bad game against Baylor (Toss Up) @ Iowa State Dont look now but they beat Texas (Toss Up) Vs. Kansas (Win)
Schedule Rank: 6

7. Alabama 7-1 (Quietly sneaking up BCS standings but hell of a schedule left)
Rest of Schedule: @ #12 LSU (Win) Vs # 21 Mississippi St. (Win) Vs. Georgia St. (Win) Vs. #1 Auburn (Win)
Schedule Rank: 1 (Hardest)

8. Utah 7-0 (Could slip during these last few weeks, but could stay unbeatean)
Rest of Schedule: @ Air Force (Toss Up) Vs. #4 TCU (Win) @ ND (Toss Up) @ San Diego St (Win) Vs. BYU (Win)
Schedule Rank: 4

9. Oklahoma 6-1 (Lost to missouri last week never thought they were all that anyways.)
Rest of Schedule: Vs. Colorado (Win) @ Texas A&M (Win) Vs. Texas Tech (Win) @ #25 Baylor Oklahoma needs to win this to have a chance at the big 12 ship (Toss Up) @ #17 Oklahoma St. Won't matter if they dont beat Baylor (Lose)
Schedule Rank: 5

10. Wisconsin 7-1 (They Will win out easily)
Rest of Schedule: @ Purdue (Win) Vs. Indiana (Win) @ Michigan toughest game left on the schedule (Win) Vs. NorthWestern (Win)
Schedule Rank: 9

National Championship Prediction: Alabama Vs. Michigan St.- Alabama wins Big
I would Say boise but the polls show them no respect. I think Alabama will win out and shut the critics up and michigan st. just needs to get by Iowa and they will win out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 8 Pick Results

Last week I did my first predictions since it was the first week of the BCS with Oklahoma being number 1. Here are my results:



By Conference:

Big 10: 5-0
Pac 10: 3-1
Big East: 4-0
Big 12: 4-2
SEC: 5-1
ACC: 3-2
Non-AQ: 7-2