Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Possible Playoff System

Example of the Winner and Losers Bracket Pretty Cool Right (Click on Images to enlarge)
So my friend Ray Lewis, me, and Ray's dad all had little ideas to make an actually well rounded BCS Playoff system.

The System:
1. So first we will keep all those sponsored bowls so the ncaa can still make its high revenue.
2. But at the end of the year the BCS standings do not decide anything they are basically thrown out.
3. Instead we choose the top 8 teams in the country. These teams will be chosen by the Heisman Voters. There are 950 of them so they will all get a good say. The voters will write down their top 8 teams in their mind (All the teams written out/voted for must be in the top 25 so no joke team gets picked) Once all 950 voters have decided their individual Top 10s points must be distributed. So it goes like this if a team is voted first they get 10 points (Obviously the same team will probably be voted first a lot like this year in the case of Auburn) then the second place teams get 9 points each, 3rd place gets 8 points, 4th place gets 7 points, 5th place gets 6 points, 6th place gets 5 points, 7th place gets 4 points, and 8th place gets 3 points. All points for each team are added up and then put into the correct order 1-8
4. The 8 teams will then play in a playoff style setting with seeds 1-8. The 4 winners will play in the second round. The two games in the second round will be two different BCS bowls which will rotate every year. They 4 losers will play in the consolation round in two other BCS bowl games.
5. The 2 winners of the final 4 team "Winner Bracket" will play in the National Championship and depending on the teams finish the 3rd and 4th place finishers will be decided from those two teams who lost to the teams playing in the National Championship.
6. The 2 winners of the consolation bracket will play in a new BCS bowl game made up, like The ESPN bowl idk but it will have a new name making a 6th BCS bowl. Obviously the winner of the final consolation game will be the 5th place team the loser will be the 6th place team and depending on teams finish the 7th and 8th place finishers will be decided from those two teams who lost to the teams playing in the "ESPN bowl".

• This way we avoid having a stupid selection process.
• The NCAA will make more revenue with the addition to the BCS bowl and the fact that more people want a playoff system will help with ticket sales and views.
• We no longer need to worry about a computer messing up the standings when we have 950 smart voters who will vote for the top 8 and continue to vote for the heisman.

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  1. I ain't watching college ftball till there's a playoff system.. go marq ftball