Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Big East Conference

The Big East did not do much adding to the conference this year. Of course their basketball conference has a plentiful 17 teams and now their football conference will have 9 with the addition of TCU. TCU is coming from the MWC. They will became a football team and basketball team in the Big East. This is an amazing opportunity for TCU to make a BCS bowl every year now, because of that automatic bid now. The Big East will still be a very weak football conference, and I would not be surprised for if maybe the next 10 years TCU is in a BCS bowl possibly a National Championship. TCU will join the league in 2012-2013 NOT 2011-2012 (Next Year) Villanova is being courted to become a football member, having been in the Big East in all other sports for over 30 years. Rumors exist that the Central Florida Knights are first in line of Villanova refuses. Thus the Big East appears set to move to a 10 team league.

New Big East (9 Teams):
West Virginia, Pittsburgh, South Florida, Rutgers, Syracuse, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Louisville, and now TCU

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