Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Breaking News: Ohio State Scandal

QB Terrelle Pryor and 4 other players won't be running the Ohio State attack in the first five games of 2011.
We learned that five players many of them stars didn't know it was a no-no to sell championship rings, game gear and personal awards for cash.
The players suspended were WR Devier Posey, QB Terrelle Pryor, RB Dan Herron, Defensive Lineman Solomon Thomas, Offensive Tackle Mike Adams.
Players reportedly sold Big Ten Championship rings, Awards won from bowl games, The Pants the Buckeyes win for beating Michigan, Jerseys, Autographs, and much more memorbillia.
Players even traded Autographs for free tatoos at a local parlor. The players will not be suspended for the Sugar bowl instead they will face a five game suspension starting at the begining of next year.
It's embarrassing to the program they sold championship rings something you get once In a lifetime. The players should defiantly be suspended for the bowl game I don't care how much money it brings in. Plus these kids can go pro and not have to deal with anything and the ncaa says they'll get them in the NFL with what a $ 10,000 fine big whoop that's pocket change at that level. I think the players should be banned for the sugar bowl and next year the first 5 games. And what's even more ridocolus is that Ohio st first 5 games are all winable games and then their sixth game is against Nebraska how does that happen. I am truly disgusted at the ncaa yet again. The ncaa clearly has made me mad about this topic. And one thing Mr. Pryor you will NEVER EVER make it as a pro QB NEVER. Pryor of all the five that were caught doing this you are the one that truly disgusts me some leader you are. Ryan Mallet I hope you and your Razorbacks destory those SUCKeyes. SCREW EM'

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