Friday, December 17, 2010

Breaking News: New Coaching Jobs

New Coaching Jobs: (First Name is Old Coach. Second Name is New Coach)

4-8 Arkansas State 37-47 Steve Roberts (84-82) Hugh Freeze (Was Offense Cord. @ Ark. St.) : Personally I do not really care about this coaching change, but I am assuming to many losing season from Mr. Roberts caused this.

4-8 Ball State 6-19 Stan Parrish (63-60) Eddie Faulkner (Interim): Ball St. has always been looked at as a joke team from the MAC, I never truly respected them, but showing their guts by firing their head coach is a start.

5-7 Colorado 19-39 Dan Hawkins (112-61) Jon Embree (Was not a College Football Coach, assistant in NFL): I am glad Colorado got rid of hawkins. Going 19-39 at Colorado is a complete joke. No bowl game this year is a major issue.

7-5 Florida 64-15 Urban Meyer (103-23) Will Muschamp (Was an assistant at many different colleges, but has not been a college football head coach): Obviously nothing was wrong with Meyer as a coach of the gators. Meyer stepped down again because of health problems. Meyer is a college football genius kind of like me :p. Personally I do not think he will return to the game sadly.

5-7 Indiana 19-30 Bill Lynch (100-97) Kevin Wilson (Was Oklahoma's Offense Cord.): Having bill lynch only make 1 bowl game in his few short years at IU was a major reason why he was fired. Also, this year Indiana won 4 non-conference games all he had to do was win 2 Big 10 games. He only won 1 game against Purdue. I think Kevin Wilson will be a great new coach within 4 or 5 years I can see Indiana going to bowl games regularly and finish in the middle of the big 10.

5-7 Kent State 29-53 Doug Martin (29-53) Darrell Hazell (Assistant at Ohio St. Never a Head Coach): Doug Martin has coached all 7 years of his career at Kent. St. Kent St. has not gone to a bowl game the last 7 years. Doug did resign after their final game against Ohio which was a win. Hopefully Kent St. can either use a wise Jerry McManus to their advantage or will they go hunting for a new head coach. I think the edition of Hazell will completely change this football team for the better having a quality play caller like him is key.

3-9 Louisiana-Lafayette 41-65 Rickey Bustle (41-65) Mark Hudspeth (66-21 former Miss. St. Assistant coach and North Alabama head coach): L.A. Laff. had a disappointing season and I think they can rebound quickly with a new staff and head coach. Bustle coached every year of his coaching career obviously it did not work.

7-5 Miami (Fla.) 28-22 Randy Shannon (28-22) Al Golden (27-34 former Temple Head Coach): Al Golden coached at temple and well it was not that great. I do not think Shannon should of been fired his offense could not click because of a terrible QB. If jacory Harris had not been his QB Shannon would still be coaching the Hurricanes. Maybe he can take over the job at Temple? Would not be a bad idea he can build a decent program there. Golden shouldn't be the head coach of a quality well known football program. Bad decision by the AD of miami.

9-4 Miami Ohio 10-15 Michael Haywood (10-15) Lance Guidry (Interim): I Feel bad for Miami Ohio. They lost their head coach to a quality Pittsburgh team at the end of the year. Haywood is a very good coach taking his 1-11 RedHawks team last year to a 9-4 Mac Champion. I wish him the best of luck in the Big east, but again I feel very bad for the Miami Ohio Students and players.

3-9 Minnesota 15-30 Tim Brewster (15-30) Jerry Kill (127-73 Former NIU coach): Brewster did take Minnesota to two bowl games in his short tenure with the gophers, but Brewster obviously did not meet expectations at Minnesota resulting in his firing during the middle of this season. Jerry kill the talented coach coming from NIU will be a huge boost to this Minnesota team. Kill is bringing his coordinators from NIU with him to Minnesota. I assume Kill thinks he can duplicate his success at Minnesota.

3-9 North Texas 6-37 Todd Dodge (6-37) Dan McCarney (56-85 former Iowa St. head coach): North Texas offered Dodge the job to be head coach because he was a very successful high school football coach leading his High School team Southlake Carroll to 4 out of 5 State Championships from 2002-2006. Dodge was fired in the middle of the season because a 1-6 start. Dan's coaching record may not seem to good but he was a very successful coach at Iowa st. leading the Cyclones to 4 bowl games in 11 Years. He also finished 1st in the north part of the Big 12 on one occasion. I think he can really improve a struggling North Texas team.

10-3 Northern Illinois 23-16 Jerry Kill (127-73) Dave Doeren (Dave has never had a Head coaching job but was a Defensive Cord. at Wisconsin for the past 4 years): The fact that Jerry Kill left after the last game and decided not to coach them in their bowl game is disrespectful. This players got you that job at Minnesota the least you could do is coach them in one last game and wait till after the season to take over a head coaching job. Personally I am no longer a Jerry Kill fan I thought what he did with this team this year was amazing, but now I have no respect for him. Personally I would not mind if he fails at Minn. he also took all of his Coordinators with him leaving NIU completly bear. Forget you Jerry Kill.

7-5 Pittsburgh 42-31 Dave Wannstedt (42-31) Michael Haywood (10-15 Former Miami Ohio Head Coach) ?: Dave was a fabolous coach and I do not understand why Pitt fired him. Dave has taken Pitt to a bowl game the last two years and now this year. Wannstedt was 7-5 this year and 26-12 in his last 3 years. WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF FIRING HIM. And seriously Pitt. couldn't you of gotten a better head coach than a guy who has coached 2 seasons in the Mac. I wish the best to luck to Dave and there is a truly talented coach still left out there with Dave Temple maybe you should call him up. Pittsburgh hired Michael Haywood on December 16th and fired him on January 1 after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. Pitt will have to go out again looking for a new coach, possibilities Randy Shannon, Mike Leach, Rich Rod.

8-4 Temple 27-34 Al Golden (27-34) Steve Addazio (Was Floridas OC but has not had a head coaching job): Golden has been eletricfying in the last 2 years 17-8 getting to one bowl game not sure how they did not get to one this year but that is another story. But when you are coaching at Temple and get the head coaching job at Miami Fl. a very story booked team how can you pass that up. I wish him the best of luck at Miami, but now the owls need a new head coach and they found a quality one. A florida guy who had been there the last 5 years so he has seen two national championships with HIS offense.

2-10 Vanderbilt 2-10 Robbie Caldwell (2-10) James Franklin (Was the O.C. at Maryland for the past 2 years but never a head coach): Caldwell resigned after one year of coaching at Vandy. Maybe he had health or family issues or realized he wont make it in the SEC and at Vandy. Caldwell seems like a very good guy. I wish Franklin all the luck in the world as he is taking a huge job trying to pull a struggling Vandy team out of the huge hole they are in. Good luck my man.

8-4 Maryland 74-50 Ralph Friedgen (74-50) Randy Edsall (74-70 Former Connecticut head coach): Ralph was a very quality coach at Maryland, being ACC coach of the year. He started his career there with a 22-5 record with two bowls one being a BCS bowl. He was 5-2 in bowl games and went to 7 bowls in his 10 years coaching there. He was fired because he asked for a contract extension and well Maryland AD said no and also said you can chose how you want to leave the school. Obviously Ralph got fired. Personally I thought Ralph was a quality coach and didn't deserve this. This could work out well for Maryland. Sources say that Randy Edsall will be hired as the next Head football coach of Maryland today. Edsall, who in his 12 seasons led UConn from Football Bowl Subdivision infancy in 2002 to a league championship and a BCS bowl in 2010. He should be a good fit for the program and could possible get Maryland on the map again next year.

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