Saturday, January 22, 2011

Top 10 Recruiting Classes (So Far)

Well Not every top prospect has picked were he will be going to school next year, but plenty have done so already. The off season for college football has started and I believe it is time for some recruiting hype so here is my early Top 10 class rankings. By the way I use ESPN's 150 not Scout.Com.

1. Florida St: Signings 29, ESPN 150 12, Five * 1, Four * 17, Three * 7, Two * 4. Florida St is coming off a very strong season and Jimbo Fisher has really proven himself to the haters. After signing day Jimbo Fisher and his Seminoles deserve to be #1. He showed they can recruit and I expect nothing less then a ACC Ship.

2. Auburn: Signings 25, ESPN 150 8, Five * 1, Four * 15, Three * 10
. Auburn going to have to do a lot of rebuilding in the year to come, but this rock solid recruiting class will help ease there pain a little. Auburn easily has the best OL class in the nation. The possible loss of recruit Kouandjio will sting a little, but they are in good enough shape to succeed next year.

3. Alabama: Signings 24, ESPN 150 10, Five * 0, Four * 15, Three * 6, Two * 3. Nick Saban can always produce on the field as well as in the recruiting game. He picked up several key parts to help out his team for next year. No five * recruits is not really an issue considering they are hard to come by. Nick Saban went after big name guys again and as usual pulled them in. He is becoming one of the most consistent and talented recruiters. Bama is not done yet still racing to pick up No.1 Scout Jadeveon Clowney.

4. USC: Signings 31, ESPN 150 10, Five * 1, Four * 13, Three * 14, Two * 3
. USC once again came up on top of the recruiting rankings. It is just amazing how much talent they get, and to think of how many allegations and investigations went on there I would not want to go there as an athlete. Lane Kiffin just shows how good of a coach he is and how much Tennessee lost out on. Even with all the NCAA stuff floating around, Lane Kiffin scored again with one of the best in the nation.

5. Texas: Signings 22, ESPN 150 7, Five * 1, Four * 13, Three * 8. I think it is unbelievable what Mack Brown does with the Longhorns they had a terrible year this past season, but he can still pull in top recruits to come to Austin. I think it is amazing. The longhorns have to drop signing day came and went nothing changed in their recruits. I still believe Texas will compete well in the Big 12.

6. Georgia: Signings 25, ESPN 150 6, Five * 2, Four * 15, Three * 7, Two * 1. Georgia was one of the big winners nationally today. The SEC will be the toughest it has been in years with teams like Georgia, Bama, Auburn, LSU, and Florida. Georgia can finally show there ready to play with the big Dawgs and get back to those glory days. Oh and by the way if you haven't watched Isaiah Crowell’s way of choosing Georgia you better go watch it now. Priceless.

7. Ohio St.: Signings 22, ESPN 150 6, Five * 0, Four * 14, Three * 7, Two * 1 . The Buckeys like to recruit early and that’s when this class was built. Curtis Grant was a nice add on NSD, but not a big surprise. Jim Tressel once again put together a top 10 recruiting class and the No. 1 class in the Big Ten. This guy knows how to coach and recruit. Ohio St. will still have to play the first 5 games short of key players including Mr. Pryor.

8. Florida: Signings 18, ESPN 150 7, Five * 1, Four * 10, Three * 5, Two * 2. Will Muschamp’s first class hasn’t grabbed as many national headlines as in state rival Florida State, but there’s still a lot to like. Will built a solid foundation for his new program to build on. Not many people have Florida in the Top 10, but I think they are fairly deserving. Urban would be proud of Will's work.

9. Oklahoma: Signings 17, ESPN 150 6, Five * 0, Four * 9, Three * 8 . The Sooners added a few quality kids down the stretch. Oklahoma did most of its work before NSD so all signings were expected. The sooners are going to be back in business and that Red River Rivalry game will be something to watch next year.

10. Clemson: Signings 29, ESPN 150 7, Five * 2, Four * 7, Three * 16, Two * 4. The Tigers did a tremendous job closing today and was one of the day’s biggest winners. NSD belonged to Clemson. Recruits were flying to them from every angle. A battle atop of the ACC will be interesting next season. One more thing the ACC is back.

Just Missing The Cut:
• LSU: Signings 21, ESPN 150 5, Five * 2, Four * 5, Three * 14, Two * 1
• ND: Signings 23, ESPN 150 7, Five * 0, Four * 9, Three * 14
• Tennessee : Signings 27, ESPN 150 6, Five * 0, Four * 9, Three * 12, Two * 6
• Oregon: Signings 24, ESPN 150 5, Five * 0, Four * 10, Three * 8. Two * 5
• North Carolina: Signings 25, ESPN 150 3, Five * 0, Four * 12, Three * 10, Two * 3

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