Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breaking News: Rich Rod Out-Brady Hoke In

First I would like to apologize for not posting in a very long time. Time has gotten a lot tighter with studying for finals, but after Thursday I will be posting regularly again. A couple days ago Michigan fired Rich Rodriguez He was not producing for the blue. Rich went 15-22 overall and 6-18 in the Big Ten. He went to one bowl, during his tenure. That was this year were his wolverines got lite up by Miss. St. It was the worst loss in a bowl game in Michigan history. Rich was supposed to be a quality coach coming into the big ten. His last five years at West Virginia resulted in BCS bowls, the last three years were wins of that BCS bowl. His WV team finished in the top 10 the last three years he was there. High expectations were put on Rich and well he just did not succeed at all. 6-18 is a terrible record in the Big Ten for three years and I am glad they fired him. There were so many things wrong with Rich besides his record, he had a lot of NCAA troubles. Michigan made one great decision to fire him, but there second decision who they hired was not a good one at all. I have nothing against Brady Hoke, but he is a little guy coming from San Diego St. and Ball St. before that. The Michigan AD could have found a better coach than Brady. Yes Michigan tried hard to get Les Miles and well that did not work out. They also wanted Jim Harbaugh who is a good fit in the NFL and that's why he chose that path. There are not many available coaches that could have taken the job, but I think Michigan could have gotten a much better head coach. Maybe Michigan just is not the dream job it used to be.

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