Saturday, December 4, 2010

Final BCS Rankings, BCS Bowl Picks and Heisman (Predictions)

Top 10 BCS Rankings (Predictions):
1. Auburn 13-0
2. Oregon 12-0
3. TCU 12-0
4. Stanford 11-1
5. Wisconsin 11-1
6. Ohio St. 11-1
7. Oklahoma 10-2
8. Arkansas 10-2
9. Michigan St. 11-1
10. LSU 10-2

BCS Bowl Picks (Predictions):

National Championship
No. 1 Auburn Vs. No. 2 Oregon

Rose Bowl
No. 3 TCU Vs. No. 5 Wisconsin

Orange Bowl
No. 15 VT Vs. Connecticut

Fiesta Bowl:
No. 7 Oklahoma Vs. No. 4 Stanford

Sugar Bowl:
No. 8 Arkansas Vs. No. 6 Ohio St.

Heisman (Predictions):
1. Cam Newton-QB Auburn- He is the best player in college football the only way he does not win it is if he is found guilty. (Junior)
2. Andrew Luck-QB Stanford- Mr. Luck is a flat out stud in a very talented pac 10. I think he will be a great pro QB. (Junior)
3. LaMichael James-RB Oregon- The week he sat out with a hurt ankle really hurt his heisman hopes. (Sophomore)
4. Kellen Moore-QB Boise St.- Sad lost to Nevada ruined his chances still thinking he is a great QB. (Junior)
5. Justin Blackmon-WR Oklahoma St.- He is the best WR in the country, but if Aj Green hadn't got injured he wouldn't be the best. (Sophomore)

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