Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh What A Season We Have

So three # 1's have gone down in a matter of 3 weeks. With the second BCS poll out I decided to go through the top 10 and rank their schedule 1-10 on hardest and predicted the rest of their games and give you my early National Championship projection:

1. Auburn 8-0 (Had a huge game against LSU. Cam newton is playing like he already won the heisman just unstoppable.)
Rest of Schedule: @ Mississippi Do not over look Ole Miss. (Toss up) Vs. Chattanooga (Win) Vs. Georgia If it was not at home it would be a toss up (Win) @ #8 Alabama Alabama is to strong at home (Lose)
Schedule Rank: 3

2. Oregon 7-0 (Has a tough schedule remain out of top 10, Good luck ducks)
Rest of Schedule: @ USC Its called pay back Oregon(Lose) Vs. Washington (Win) @ Cal. (Win) Vs. #14 Arizona (Toss up) @ Oregon St. A Must worry game for the ducks if they get past those 4 Oregon st. will trip them up (Toss up)
Schedule Rank: 2

3. Boise State 7-0 (Easy Rest of the Way)
Rest of Schedule: Vs. Hawaii (Win) @ Idaho (Win) Vs. Fresno St. (Win) @ #24 Nevada Should not be trouble but do not look past this game (Toss Up) Vs. Utah State (Win)
Schedule Rank: 10 (Easiest)

4. TCU 8-0 (3 out of last 4 games on the road)
Rest of Schedule: @ UNLV (Win) @ #8 Utah Utah is a much more talented team(Lose) Vs. San Diego St. (Win) @ New Mexico (Win)
Schedule Rank: 7

5. Michigan State 8-0 (Win this week seals fate)
Rest of Schedule: @ #18 Iowa Want the spartans to win but I think Iowa is much stronger(Toss Up) Vs. Minnesota (Win) Vs. Purdue (Win) @ Penn St. (Win)
Schedule Rank: 8

6. Missouri 7-0 (Huge win over Oklahoma, but come on they cant keep it up)
Rest of Schedule: @ #14 Nebraska No way they pull it off on the road, at home yes (Lose) Vs. Kansas St. Dont overlook them had a bad game against Baylor (Toss Up) @ Iowa State Dont look now but they beat Texas (Toss Up) Vs. Kansas (Win)
Schedule Rank: 6

7. Alabama 7-1 (Quietly sneaking up BCS standings but hell of a schedule left)
Rest of Schedule: @ #12 LSU (Win) Vs # 21 Mississippi St. (Win) Vs. Georgia St. (Win) Vs. #1 Auburn (Win)
Schedule Rank: 1 (Hardest)

8. Utah 7-0 (Could slip during these last few weeks, but could stay unbeatean)
Rest of Schedule: @ Air Force (Toss Up) Vs. #4 TCU (Win) @ ND (Toss Up) @ San Diego St (Win) Vs. BYU (Win)
Schedule Rank: 4

9. Oklahoma 6-1 (Lost to missouri last week never thought they were all that anyways.)
Rest of Schedule: Vs. Colorado (Win) @ Texas A&M (Win) Vs. Texas Tech (Win) @ #25 Baylor Oklahoma needs to win this to have a chance at the big 12 ship (Toss Up) @ #17 Oklahoma St. Won't matter if they dont beat Baylor (Lose)
Schedule Rank: 5

10. Wisconsin 7-1 (They Will win out easily)
Rest of Schedule: @ Purdue (Win) Vs. Indiana (Win) @ Michigan toughest game left on the schedule (Win) Vs. NorthWestern (Win)
Schedule Rank: 9

National Championship Prediction: Alabama Vs. Michigan St.- Alabama wins Big
I would Say boise but the polls show them no respect. I think Alabama will win out and shut the critics up and michigan st. just needs to get by Iowa and they will win out.

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