Saturday, October 30, 2010

In Game Analysis: #5 Michigan State @ #18 Iowa

1st Quarter:
• And there goes the Kick Off-Iowa's Ball
• Iowa absolutely destroying M.St. Defense 1st and Goal 9:36 1st Quarter.
• Adam Robinson is carrying this Hawkeye Offense.
• TOUCHDOWN IOWA 7-0 8:48 1st Quarter.

• Michigan St. Better bounce back on offense right now. Cant come from behind twice in a row.
• State coming out weak on offense 4th and 1 on own 36 Go for it cant go down 14-0.
• State punts comon man'

• Iowa 3 and 9 own 18 D Fense NOW
• Damnit 25 yard pass by Stanzi first down Iowa
• Another 3rd down comes up and another 8 yard Stanzi completion
• This one might be over by the end of the 1st quarter Iowa 23 yards away from TD
• Field goal Iowa 10-0

• Pick Six Iowa 17-0. 10 seconds left in 1st quarter

Second Quarter:
• It is over Iowa is gonna win and its just the start of the second quarter
• 1st down State
• Cousin is getting comfortable
• Spoke way to soon Cousins throws pick
• Pick then 3 play drive = TOUCHDOWN IOWA 23-0 7:05 2nd Quarter

• Michigan punts back. Iowa has ball on own 40- 2:00 minutes left in the half
• TOUCHDOWN IOWA 30-0: 1:01 Remains in the 2st half
• State fumbles on own 18 so lucky to get it back

Third Quarter:
• Stanzi Throws another TD 37-0 Iowa 7:35 left in 3rd Quarter

Fourth Quarter:
• Took State till 14:56 left in the 4th Quarter to score 37-6 Missed 2pt conversion Touchdown M. St.
• 7:13 left and Iowa up 31 this one is over man the big 10 race is getting exciting. Deff. will be blogging about that. Go illini

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