Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breaking News: Michigan State Vs. Boise State?

Much has been made about the non-conference schedule Boise State plays, and whether it is enough to make up for its weak WAC schedule. Next season, Boise State joins the Mountain West and will automatically have a schedule upgrade in league play. But even non conference games Boise State plays get criticized. So do attempts at scheduling non conference games. Headlines were made this year when Boise State turned down the chance to play Nebraska. The Spartans recently announced a home and home series with Miami and also will play Alabama and West Virginia in future years. The Spartans have extended their rivalry series with Notre Dame as well.

Boise State and Michigan State will open the 2012 season on Friday, Aug., 31, in Spartan Stadium. Yes finally Boise State can say they played someone, but how do we know Michigan State will be good in 2012 and what about Boise State. Maybe this match up will not be as good as I hope it to be. If the exact teams that are here today played in 2012 it would be a great game. I hope both teams are athletic and strong in 2012, but again who knows. Either way Michigan State has a big test today so good luck. Go Sparty and Go Broncos.

Michigan State Future will be a real test
Boise State will really have to upgrade their scheduling of non conference games to receive any respect.

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